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Access cPanel from your Client Area

You can now access your cPanel from within your Client Area. This is especially useful for users who is behind a firewall that blocks common cPanel ports. You just need to go into your client area and click the Login to cPanel link and you will be logged in automatically in your cPanel without having to remember your password!

To try login to your Client Area and see these new features by cpanel api, simply follow the steps below:
1- Login to your Client Area at
Click log in to client area2- Insert your username and password or sign in with google as below.
Login in to client are or sign in with google
3- Go to "Services" --> "My Services" section from the top menu or in the services "ICON" in the Services section.
Click services ten my my service or services icon directly
3- Click on the "Active" button in green
Click on the active button in green


4- On left you will see all the cpanel functions, choose your desired function which include Log in to cPanel, Log in to Webmail, Change Password, Upgrade/Downgrade, Request Cancellation etc...


All cpanel functions

You may do cPanel functions and task as you would when you login to your cPanel. You can also redirect to cPanel, Webmail, PHPMyAdmin and File Manager using the One Click Login feature!

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