SINO SOFT serves humanity and provides growth opportunities to everyone! We have introduced Affiliate Marketing that allows you to earn a lifetime salary while we do all the rest of the hard work for you in line with Our Strategic Goals

Get Paid for Referring Customers to Us

Activate your affiliate account and start earning money today...

  • We pay 10% commission for every signup that comes via your custom signup link
  • We track the customers you refer to us using cookies, so the customers don't have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit.

Don't know where to start? follow this 3 simple steps explained below

Create Account Here or  Log in HERE if you already have an Account with us.

N/B You may use the other method of  keying in the email address but preferably  sign in or sign up with google

Once logged in go to the affiliate menu

-If you are using your mobile device click the icon at the top that looks like this then click on Affiliates Menu as highlighted below to log you in to the affiliate page

-If using desktop click on the Affiliates Menu as highlighted below to log you in to the affiliate page

 #3. To Activate your Affiliate Account click on the  button written "Activate Affiliate Account" in red as show in the this screenshot


If you have successfully followed the above three steps Congratulations! you now have your referral link, you can now use it to share with your circles of friends, Whatsapp, email, Facebook, in your blog or website  and start earning with Sino Soft.

Explore other Amazing Features to use once you have activated your Account.

Below is an example of a successful affiliate marketer page with Sino Soft Account- Please do not use the below referral link since its a partners account displayed for explanation purposes only

Start today and expand your revenue income this season for God's Glory and Honor in Christ Jesus!

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