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Friday, 12 November 2021 00:00

Importance of Website Design for Business in Kenya and Beyond Featured

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When creating your website, in Kenya or beyond you’d think that aesthetics is an integral part of your business website - and you’re right. Given a limited time, visitors will spend more time on a functional, easy to navigate, and aesthetic website. This makes website design a powerful way to pull in the right audience.

To build a better website, you want a website designed to provide the best user experience. Here’s why web design is important for your business and how you can keep your audience from bouncing off.

1. It Helps You Make A Good First Impression

If you’re trying to manage business expenses, one clear area of your business website that you don’t want to cut corners on is the aesthetic. Different websites offer a variety of different ways to pull their target audience. With fantastic web design, you can appeal to them and have a great first impression.

Almost every audience will judge you within seconds. You will find that those who dislike your design will move away immediately, while those who like it will stay. All these tell us that first impressions matter for your business website, so you can expect your web design to influence this.

Web design is crucial due to its impact on customer perception. It tells how your audience perceives your brand and if the target audience is the right fit for you. Those who like your design aesthetic are more likely to convert as they agree with your design decisions.

A good web design will help you keep your leads and help towards conversion. You can even design landing pages that reduce distractions, which can help customers at the most bottom of your sales funnel to start converting and performing purchases.

2. It Helps With Audience Retention

According to Google, internet users only have eight seconds before they completely bounce off your website. Within these eight seconds, you want your page to load within the first three seconds. Slower loading times result in higher bounce rates, regardless of the aesthetic of your website. This is where good web design comes in.

Part of web design is helping set up the website’s plugins, web hosting, and even content that will help improve its page load times. A good web designer will pare down on plugins and add-ons that trade page load speeds with aesthetics. You would also want to make sure that the page is intuitive.

How do you do this? Test the page and look at it for four to five seconds. What does the page look like? What is it about?

If you can’t tell what it is about, then the page failed its purpose. An intuitive web design will help customers immediately understand where they are and what you want them to do. If your audience can’t find what they need from your website during their first few seconds on it, you can expect to lose their attention.

3. Web Design Helps With The Sales Journey

One powerful web design aspect that makes it important for your business is its value beyond making your website look good. A common issue for small businesses is they simply use web design to make their site beautiful. The problem? Beauty without function does not work, and simply having an attractive site does not jive anymore.

Quality web design works as a powerful navigation tool that helps customers go around and help your conversions. Imagine your website as a supermarket. Every supermarket uses a specific layout that will maximize sales and pull customers in, from a bakery that helps with the delicious smells to putting the milk at the back of the store.

With a fantastic web design layout, navigation should be intuitive. You want them to find every step easy to do, especially towards performing check-in. You want it laid out logically, with important pages not hidden behind two to three pages.

Good web design is essential for your business because it helps divide your site into several sections, subsections, and categories. Make all your navigation elements clickable, and you want accurate navigation titles. With the right web design, navigation is easy and straightforward.

4. Web Design Helps Improve SEO

If you’re a business, you want your website to appear in searches, rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), and start your conversion from organic traffic. Web design creates a good marriage of content elements and best practices to help your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

SEO is one thing you shouldn’t mess up. On-page SEO elements need a perfect balance for them to work: too little and you’re risking someone outranking you, while too much can penalize you. Without good SEO for your website, you’re in a losing battle for online visibility.

Web design elements can directly affect how keywords and SEO elements work in your pages. Investing in a good web design practice can help your SEO, mostly because search engine optimization focuses on making sure visitors have a great time on your website.

5. It Gains Your Audience’s Trust

People don’t trust bad, poorly-designed websites. If things look broken, outdated, or neglected, your target audience won’t trust your website. Some will even remember your business solely on how bad your website works. Most companies even have their web design accounted on their business reviews.

If people spend money on some random website, they want the experience to be seamless and frictionless. They want to get what they want with the least amount of coercion possible. Professional web design signals trust to their audience. They are never tacky but rather encourage their visitors that they are the right business to work with.

For your website, you want to become a pillar of trust for your customers. You want to be relevant to their needs and provide peace of mind as they browse through your pages. A good web design, together with a consistent brand message, should help foster trust in your business.

Final Thoughts

Web design plays a vital role in your business success. If you want to create the best experience for your customers and help ease conversion, good design practices should help. Consider our guide above and see how to create a website with a superior design that will net you more sales and more visibility. Fantastic web design puts on your best face for your audience to see.

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