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Will this new feature bring an end to Facebook and other Social media repetitive post when selling a product? find out how one link can go a long way

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The new talk in town, County Online Market "Kenya’s new 47 county one stop shop" brings a new way of online advertising with extra features that makes it easy to sell and buy online. Below is a deeper look on the simplicity of a complex E- Commerce portal with proximity and direction capabilities that makes C2C, B2B, and B2C interesting. Facebook comments, Price Negotiations and Auctions could could not have been made any easy in this well integrated portal

Advanced Search

The search filter gives you the flexibility of providing results based on a wide variety of criteria, including:

  • Search by location
  • Search by radius from Post Code
  • Search by category
  • Search by extra details (from different types of fields or selections)
  • Search by type
  • Search for posts containing video and images
  • Search by keyword
  • Drill type search for locations and categories
  • Clear and start again with the reset button
  • Clearly follow category functionality
  • Choose the order of display (promoted, latest, random, etc.)
  • Want to explore this feature? click here

Everybody Loves An Auction!

With auction selling options make it a smooth and efficient service, for both buyers and sellers.

  • You can opt to sell their item via auction
  • There's the possibility for the seller to set a reserve price
  • Users have the option to use a "Buy Now" feature for speedy sales
  • They can even set a minimal and maximal bid increase
  • Want to explore this feature? click here

Pay with Points

Irresistible points bundles with great discounts on multiple posting

  • Set your own Points Packages and pick your own points' value
  • Points can be purchased by any payment method
  • Want to explore this feature? click here

Purchase your first points here


Each user or advertiser can access a personal panel that allows them to:

  • Manage ads
  • Renew ads
  • Delete ads
  • Edit ads
  • Favourite ads (wish list)
  • Want to explore this feature? click here

Locations & Regions

County online Market provides a highly configurable locations setup:

  • Set country and almost any location scenario (country-state-city or country-city-suburb-street etc.)
  • Functional Google maps integration
  • Unlimited locations
  • Want to explore this feature? click here


  • GPS coordinates for exact locations can be used for front end submissions (for areas not covered by Google maps)
  • Clustering simplifies your data visualization by consolidating data that are near each other on the map in an aggregate form
  • Sneak peak of the ad after clicking on the map's tool tip
  • Displays driving directions
  • Want to explore this feature? click here


No website is complete without multimedia functionality. County Online Market straightforwardly incorporates images and video, bringing all of the benefits that comes with it, for both buyers and sellers.

  • Youcan add images and videos from Youtube or Vimeo
  • Set the amount of images
  • Set the size of the images
  • Edit images pre and post processing
  • Search for ads with videos and images
  • Use watermarks
  • Want to explore this feature? click here


Administrator email notifications are automatically sent for:

  • New adverts
  • Expired adverts
  • Abuse notifications

User email notifications are automatically sent for:

  • New advert postings
  • Notifications of expiring adverts (administrator can set when the email is sent)
  • Advert expiration
  • Want to explore this feature? click here

Organize Ads by TYPE

Providing you with differing type categories will allow easier browsing, catering to differing listing categories such as "free," "exchange" or whatever else you want to implement.

You can comment using your Facebook account

An example of a user add shown below

Boost your C2C, B2B, B2C by posting your first add here

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